Tucker Drez- Portland, Oregon

Tucker is the owner of two Stratton guitars.  He has a Model 168 Parlor guitar and has recently added an Ajo electric to his lineup.

“I realized early on that what I had was more than just a guitar, I had a writing partner”-Tucker on his Model 168

"Played Gretta (Tucker's Ajo) last night at a gig for the first time.  To say she's a game changer would be an understatement. It's an amazing machine"


Jon Rauhouse- Phoenix, AZ

Jon records and tours with the likes of Neko Case, Jakob Dylan and Iron and Wine as well as putting out his own awesome Jon Rauhouse Orchestra records.  Jon plays a Stratton OM acoustic as well as a Stratton Ajo electric.

 “It’s the best sounding and playing guitar I’ve ever played”-Jon on his Stratton OM


Tim Howard- Portland, Oregon

"The model 77 is my favorite mandolin by far.  It has all the chop of my F5, great volume and perfect tone balance.  Stephen's workmanship is second to none, and his unique take on the twin-point is always a conversation starter with mando enthusiasts."


Joshua Collum- Portland, OR

"From the first time I played this instrument, I knew it was special. The sound is incredible, from the rich dark lows to the vibrant highs. It’s evident that Stephen understands tone quality and playability. The fit and finish are stunning and I couldn’t be happier with my mandolin. I know that I will cherish this instrument for rest of my life."


Kevin Johnson- Castro Valley, CA

“My style is all about the strum. My intent is to provide some substance and foundation while the other players in the band add blasts of color here and there. Bianca, (my Stratton) provides an incredibly thick and lush sound giving me the exact results I’m striving toward. I even prefer it over my friend’s Martin. My Stratton is hands down the best guitar I’ve ever owned or played.”


Benjamin Wingate- Quitman, GA

“The first thing my wife said about my OM is “It’s as loud as that banjo,” which, I think, says a lot. More importantly, though, is that the tone is so amazingly perfect. Single notes, fingerpicked or in flat-picked solos, are clear and distinct. Chords have a harmonic relationship without a bassy washout. It maintains balance and integrity all over the fret board, and it’s a total joy to play. That’s the best thing about this guitar; this is a player’s instrument- song to song and style to style, it’s the guitar I want to play all the time. This is the guitar my kids will remember me playing when I’m gone.”